The Writer is Their Writing—Poster Series
Develop three posters with a visual language that persuade viewers to attend a series of museum exhibitions about the lives and work of three winners of the Nobel Prize in Literature.
These writers are as influential and mainstream as a writer can be. It was not easy for any of them, yet they opened a path for the other to walk. These writers embody their writing, their writing embodies who they are.
Final Posters
The Writers:
Rabidranath Tagore: An acclaimed Bengali painter, writer, philosopher, mathematician, lyricist and educator. He was the first non white writer to win the Nobel Prize in Literature and the first lyricist. He redesigned literature in the early 20th century. 
Gabriel García Márquez: One of the most famous Latin American writers of modern times. He was the first Colombian to ever win a Nobel Prize in literature. He transformed fiction and fantasy to what we know as Magic Realism. He was one of the most influential writers from South America.
Toni Morrison: The first black woman to ever win a Nobel prize in literature. She was critically acclaimed by critics and the public. Her books are a legacy that inspire writers everywhere. 
Experimental Typography—Process
Concept Intersectionality, inclusivity, influential
Intersectionality, inclusivity, the writing is part of who they are as people.
1. The writers live in the pages of their books. 
2. Their writing represent them. 
3. Influential within their native languages and hometowns
Color Explorations
Once the experimentation felt more palpable. When it became a solid idea, color exploration began.
Color exploration & Color symbolism in literature & Grids
Due to my research within the different genres and themes of these writers' writing I landed with the main colors for the different compositions. 
I used a split complementary modified palette & an analogous palette to create a connection between the compositions.
Final Product

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